Sunday, 23 June 2013

Great Clash documentary I watched earlier!

My last post for today folks, honestly. At the end of the last post I said I watched something delightful which I wanted to share with you, and now I've got today's dose of Dexter out of the way I can finally share the documentary! About seven days ago, Sky Arts 1 aired a documentary called The History of The Clash. The name didn't sound familiar so of course, I recorded it without hesitation. I finally got to watch today and I have to say - it's very good. Highly recommended. It's a one hour look at the history of The Clash. It's succinct yet informative. And it contains interviews with Mick Jones, Don Letts, Pat Gilbert amongst others. Of the assorted other interviewees, I was particularly interested to see Jake Burns from Stiff Little Fingers make a brief appearance. You know, given that I'm Northern Irish and all. The History of The Clash was also very well put together and just a really enjoyable watch all round. The most fascinating part for me quite easily was the fact that it actually dealt with Cut The Crap in some depth. Moreover, it actually featured Mick Jones talk about it. That's certainly something I've never seen/read Mick Jones discuss. This final era of the band usually gets little more than a few sentences devoted to it at best. It's even more common for the whole period to just get ignored from historical accounts of the band though. Even the main Clash documentary, Westway To The World totally ignored it and I do feel that's a hindrance. Regardless of what your opinions on the quality of the record is, it does technically remain one of their albums. To just pretend it never happened does feel like history is being rewritten. Sure, it doesn't deserve to be seen in the same light as the other five albums but you can't ignore that it happened. Needless to say, I'm pleased The History of The Clash actually covered the period. You could make a very good argument that The History of The Clash therefore possesses a level of objectivity even Westway To The World didn't have. Considering it's relatively short length it manages to cover a very complex history very well I think. I highly recommend all Clash fans watch this!

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